How To Make Money With Matched Betting Step By Step

Marius, the CEO of Trademate Sports and Oddshero shows you how to do Matched Betting step by step, as well as giving you some useful Matched Betting tips!

Episode 1: Getting Started & Choosing Bonus

In episode 1 of Marius' Oddshero Matched Betting video series, he takes us through the necessary steps to start your Matched Betting journey.

To watch the video click here!

Episode 2: Sportmarket Account & Depositing Tips

After showing you how to set up your bonus bookmaker account in episode 1, Marius takes you through how to set up your Sportmarket account (cover bookmaker).

He also gives you some tips on how to efficiently deposit money into your soft bookmaker accounts.

Now that Marius has covered everything you need to know about getting started with Matched Betting, he is now ready to find and place some Matched Bets!

See the full video here.

Episode 3: First Day of Trading!

Follow Marius in his first day of trading using the Oddshero Matched Betting software as he takes you through a step by step guide on how to find and place bets with Oddshero.

Marius goes through everything including what bets to place, which not to place and possible mistakes you can make. He makes a big mistake at the 40 minute mark!

See the full video by clicking here.

Episode 4: More Mistakes and 5 Quick Tips!

Marius is back for his second day of trading, showing you How To Make Money With Matched Betting Step By Step.

In this video he shows us a few more mistakes that are easy to make, along with 5 Matched Betting tips to help you out in your journey.

See episode 4 here.

Joachim, the Intern at Oddshero and Trademate Sports is trying to see how much money he can make from Matched Betting in 1 month, check it out here here.

To find out why Matched Betting is the best side hustle whilst at school, click here.

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